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Cape Argus Women of Worth

Taking a walk on the wild side for the good of others

Gaynor Schoeman, pictured above, has always lived to see 'what was beyond the horison'. She never settled like her sisters, because for Schoeman, 46, life is one long adventure. As a child, she spent years sailing with her family across the globe.

At the age of 22, Schoeman, who considers Cape Town home, took her first solo trip and hitch-hiked on yachts from Greece to Gibraltar. At a glance her life story is impressive: she became the South African female full contact kickboxing champion in 1991 and retired undefeated; she volunteered to work in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide in 1994; started various small businesses including a niche film company and in 2001 started paragliding around the world.

Then in March last year her life nearly changed when she had a paragliding accident in Australia and broke her spine. 'When adventure travelling is your life, and you have an accident that comes close to putting you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, all that freedom of movement taken away from you forever, it is sobering' she says. She had to learn to walk again.

Fourteen months later, at the end of May this year, she started walking the 1657km Canning Stock Route across the Australian desert. Schoeman's solo journey took 66 days, all the while carrying a 30kg backpack. Schoeman decided to do the walk to raise funds for the Western Cape quadriplegic wheelchair rugby team, The Eagles. The goal is to buy eight chairs at a cost of R85 000 each for the team. The walk has left her feeling better physically and mentally. 'My whole life has been an adventure. But while walking the Canning I came to realise that I would like to share my life and experiences with someone special. A committed relationship is my next adventure,' says Schoeman. To read more about her walk, visit

Women's Long Walk to do Good

Gaynor Schoeman taking a walk on the wild side for the good of others

Gaynor Schoeman Canning Stock Route Walker



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