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Canning walker packs happy camper

Gaynor Schoeman sponsored by Happy Camper GourmetGaynor Schoeman is a remarkable and in­spirational woman.

Having been the first solo walker ever to conquer the oppressive, heat-ridden but spectacular Canning Stock Route (CSR) in Western Australia back in 2013, a gruelling 1657-kilometre trek, she is returning to support a new friend return to the heat and the life only the desert can bring. Last year local food producer, Happy Camper Gourmet, sponsored 70-plus-year-old Erik Nordenson, who was determined to cycle the Canning Stock Route solo.

Erik was not able to complete the journey on his own last year but this year he will be returning from the United States to try again.

This time though, well-known and charismatic trekker Gaynor Schoeman, will be his support as he embarks on his most challenging ride yet as will Happy Camper Gourmet in helping two inspiring people to achieve what many adventurists dream about.

The South African is no stranger to the stock route and will be sup­porting Erik with an ex-army Land Rover fitted out with all the gear and nutrition to sustain them both through their Out­back trek.

Although Gaynor plans to make a series of side forays into the desert with locals, Happy Camper Gourmet food will be their main nutri­tional supply of protein, which is critical for their ability to stay focused on their journey ahead.

Happy Camper pro­ducer, Peter Treasure, of Wuk Wuk, says the brand's ready-made meals can be a lifeline for desert travellers or a staple for Outback locals with East  Gippsland meat and vegetables that needs no refrigeration.

"Essentially, what we're trying to do is educate the people out there and the people who are trav­elling through too, that our food is a lifeline and for Gaynor coming through here was an op­portunity to see where the food comes from, to see where the food starts in the paddock,"

Mr Treasure said from the family farm last Friday.

"We want to keep pushing the message that with Happy Camper Gourmet it's an East Gippsland product and this a good way of doing it, and having Gaynor come and tell her story when she's on the track is going to be excellent. Having someone out there who's used it and knows the importance of it and wants to go again is pretty flattering for us that we've got some­one so supportive inthat regard."

Gaynor was introduced to the Treasures' herd of Murray Grey cattle dur­ing her visit last week, saying it was important to see where her food for the desert trek was coming from.

"I also think it's impor­tant to understand where your food comes from in everyday life too," she said. "It's nice for me to have the Happy Camper meals as a back-up there, so when I get it wrong, at least I'm not going to starve."

Inland Western Aus­tralia, however, is a beast that can throw anything at the unwary or inexperi­enced traveller. For all that, the desert's appeal is irresistible, Gaynor says.

"I love it, I've been going out there since 2009, almost every year if I can. It just keeps drawing me back, I'm just fascinated with that particular kind of desert, especially the north where the red sand dunes are. Sometimes I realise how out of my element Iam if something goes wrong and what hap­pens each day you've got to be really in the moment. You can't let your mind wander too much, every step is important because you might step on a snake or twist an ankle. It brings you into the mo­ment and that's what I like, it makes you enjoy waking up in the morn­ing, it makes you grate­ful to waking up," she said.

Gaynor's trek with Erik starts from Perth in late March.

(Edit: Erik pulled out of cycling the Canning Stock Route a second time. Gaynor went on to explore desert bushtucker on the CSR for 3.5 months)

Article written in a Local Newspaper – The Bairnsdale Advertiser
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Canning Walker packs Happy Camper


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